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Business Idea to Business For Sale – Systemise to Sell From the Start

Starting your own business is a daunting task, although there are a lot of home-based business opportunities out there. Taking that leap of faith to give up the comforting knowledge that you will receive a salary pay cheque each month and to jump to the risky position of working for yourself with no guaranteed income. Even the most self confident of people will have doubts about their ability at some stage in the process. You may have worked in senior management positions for other people but to suddenly be responsible totally for every aspect of your business is quite frightening. One way to give yourself more confidence is to follow a proven track record of a friend, colleague or mentor, or to buy a guide to follow. Learn from other peoples success and avoid the mistakes that they have already made for you, this is a quick way to learn how to start a business.

Having started your own business naturally your main focus will be on what you have to do to make money, as soon as possible, to justify your decision to give up the day job, or your social life if you are trying to start your own business at the same time as doing the day job.

People often make the mistake of failing to put in place all appropriate business systems from the start. Having a correct filing system does not seem to be as important as bringing in that deal that you have been chasing for the last 3 months. Does it really matter whether or not you correctly log customers Z’s details into your database? You have already made the sale to them and will not be able to sell them anything else for at least another year. Who is to say they will still be in business in 12 months time and you will have lots more customers by then.

You do need to log that customers details. You need to call that customer in 3 months time to check that everything is OK, to maintain the relationship and to ask for referrals. If you don’t have their details to hand how can you ever contact them again? If you don’t have any customers you don’t have a business. You are back to being a wage slave but with the worst boss, and an even worse salary.

Systemise your business from the start. Each day ask yourself if I did not come into work today could anyone else pick up my business and know what they need to do? If the answer is no then your business is not systemised sufficiently, in fact you don’t have a business you have a job.

It is far easier to systemise your business from the minute you start, to turn your business idea into a true business opportunity. Create your own user manual for your business it should correspond with your business plan but be a separate document, have a correct data entry system, have hard copies and soft copies of all relevant documentation stored in a methodical fashion. Make sure that you have a full job description for everyone involved in the business, including yourself, so that every knows who is responsible for what and someone can easily step in to replace the previous person.

Imagine that you are going to market your business now. What can you sell to someone? Will you have a business for sale? They will want to know how to run your business, who your customers are, what they bought from you previously, what they might buy from you again, who your advisers are and how to contact them, what each member of staff is responsible for, what monthly outgoings and incomings the business has etc. If you have systemised your business you will be able to answer these questions and show the potential purchaser how to run your business following your systems.

Again if you follow business start up advice some of this will be down there for you, enabling you to focus more on bringing the sales in.